VAMP is a collaborative project between individuals representing Spitzer Science Center, ESA/Hubble, California Academy of Sciences, IPAC/IRSA, and the University of Arizona. Key personnel at major observatories and end-application development organizations have endorsed the project and are committed to seeing success. The three main locations for VAMP development will be IPAC in Pasadena, California, USA, ESA/Hubble in Munich, Germany and California Academy of Sciences (CalAcad), San Francisco, USA.

VAMP is organized into 4 work packages: WP1 Management managed by Adrienne Gauthier, WP2 Metadata managed by Robert Hurt, WP3 Middleware/Core Development managed by Bruce Berriman and WP4 Prototypes managed by Lars Lindberg Christensen.

A Steering Committee oversees the project. The Executive Manager is the WP1 manager Adrienne Gauthier.